ICCES Best Student Paper Award

This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding full-papers authored by students at ICCES2024.  It underscores the conference's commitment to recognizing and encouraging the new generation of scholars who demonstrate exemplary contributions to their fields of study.

  • To be eligible for the Best Student Paper Award, students must serve as the primary authors and present their work at ICCES2024. 
  • The submitted full-length papers should have obtained acceptance from the conference and must be registered prior to the application.

Application Process:
  • Please submit the application online by filling out the form and including the necessary documentation.

Required Documents: 
  • Please ensure the submission includes 1) a Full-Length Paper and 2) a Student Certificate.

Application Deadline:
  • Please complete the application by June 15th, 2024, to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award.

Awards Announcement:
  • Recipients, limited to 6, will be publicly acknowledged and honored during the ICCES2024 event, recognizing outstanding contributions from students.

Previous Recipients
Calibration of Railway Ballast Modeling Using Level Set Discrete Element Method
by Haoran Jiang, Opu Chandra Debanath, Reid Kawamoto, Takashi Matsushima, Shuichi Adachi and Masahiro Miwa
Molecular Dynamics Investigations of Hydrogen-Enriched Natural Gas Permeation in Polyethylene
by Dukui Zheng, Jingfa Li, Bo Yu, Yafan Yang, Dongxu Han, Jianli Li, Zhiqiang Huang and Yindi Zhang
Copula-based Multi-structure Damage Co-diagnosis and Prognosis for the Fleet Maintenance Digital Twin
by Xuan Zhou, Claudio Sbarufatti, Marco Giglio and Leiting Dong
Numerical Study on Reduction in Aerodynamic Drag and Noise of High-Speed Pantograph
by Deng Qin, Xing Du, Tian Li and Jiye Zhang
Generating Second-Order Stokes Waves Using a Cylinder-Shaped Plunger – Theoretical Derivations & SPH Simulations
by Yucheng Sui, Ming He, Xueyan Li and Yujie Meng
A Φ-Differential Privacy Scheme for Incentive-based Demand Response in Smart Grid
by Xuyan Yao, Yutong Wu, Jiahe Su, Rui Huang and Yuan Tian
Nonreflecting Outlet Boundary Conditions for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation of Small-Scale Open-Channel Flow
by Bui Tien Thanh, Susumu Nakata